Train the Trainer – Advanced Diploma in Teaching, Training and Assessing Learning

Advanced Diploma in Teaching, Training and Assessing Learning

Be a TRAINED TRAINER with a City and Guilds UK Certification.

At present for most individuals job security, unemployment, inability to cope with the everyday demands of their jobs are on the rise.  

Now would be a good time for upskilling and reskilling ourselves by becoming an asset to our organization and the business by becoming a Trained Trainer/ Facilitator. 

This 5 Modular Learning Programme certified by City & Guilds UK, will alleviate all pain points in handling individuals and organisations.

The programme of 100 hours will revolve around the following topics, which will be drilled down at the sessions.

  • Identifying Learners’ needs
  • Plan and prepare learning
  • Delivering learning
  • Assess learning outcomes
  • Evaluation of sessions and learning programmes
  • Teaching and Supporting Learning
  • Practical Assessment
  • Holistic Report
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You will be equipped with tools and techniques to:

  • to plan courses
  • speak to delegates
  • answer questions
  • explain difficult subject matter
  • follow up and make modifications to courses
  • Gain Respect & Trust
  • Create a lasting impression
  • Be Emotionally Intelligent
  • Harness your strengths
  • Measure ROIs of the Organisation and Individuals
  • Be diplomatic in giving feedback
  • Build Rapport
  • Communicate confidently
  • Gain control of a derailed situation
  • Be objective oriented
  • Manage and Lead Teams
  • Understand the Unsaid
  • Be forthcoming in receiving feedback
  • Assess and Evaluate individuals 
  • Present information accurately and succinctly
  • Use technology and methods to your advantage
  • Learn techniques to present online 

This C&G Programme is suited for individuals looking forward for continuous professional development and enhancement of competencies to perform better in these uncertain times.  

This City & Guilds UK CERTIFICATION Programme is designed mainly for;

  • Employees who look for Continuous Professional Development and upskilling 
  • Team Leaders/ Managers
  • Training Professionals/ Teachers
  • Consultants/ Coaches
  • Military Personnel looking for enhancement of knowledge and skill 
  • Founders / CEO’s
  • Directors/ VP’s


Intakes in January | March | June | August | October 2021.

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