About Us

Soft Skillz International

Soft Skillz International, is a resourceful Training & Development ensemble based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Our organization consists of a group of Trainers who are multifaceted and passionate in being the driving force of individuals who are average, to become excellent.

Soft Skillz offers many professional training, facilitation and consultancy programmes, which are tailor made for organisations and individuals. Their experience in conducting programmes both locally and internationally enables them to conceptualize programmes to suit the individual and organisation’s needs and cultures.

We at Soft Skillz believe being ‘Average’ is not what an organization or an individual wants to be. Something deep inside them desires to achieve greatness and not settle until they have realized their need.

Thus, having understood this need, Soft Skillz was born!

We are a zealous group of individuals who believe in lending a hand to those individuals who strive to be excellent at what they do. We believe in empowering individuals to perform better and excel in their organizations in order to achieve not only personal greatness but organizational greatness as well. We also believe that in order that the necessary development takes place we need to not only transfer knowledge, but skills as well. We would like to be remembered of our contribution towards their success as they climb the corporate ladder.

Soft Skillz consists of a panel of UK and USA certified and experienced Trainers, who are also Consultants and Lecturers, spanning over 20 years of experience in their respective industries.

All programmes delivered through Soft Skillz are custom designed and delivered in relation to the specific needs of the target group in order to deliver business results.

CEO’s Message

I developed a particular interest and passion for Training & Coaching in the latter part of 2008, with a career change I chose to take after 16 years in the finance sector, to specialise in human resource development.

Soft Skillz International was born as a result, with a vision of ‘Soft Skillz to be the first choice when seeking real change in people and businesses worldwide’ whilst, our mission is to – ‘Be committed to delivering learning programmes that exceed expectations of our customers in content, experience and outcomes’. Individual Development First, Then Organizational Growth is the guiding principle that makes our programmes stand apart and deliver great results.

Uppermost in our values are: seeking synergistic outcomes, mutual respect and benefit, high ethical standards and sincere professional effort. We believe that profit is a byproduct of professional service and hence, shall do our very best to understand customer needs, research and develop programmes before they are delivered. Participants will come through our programmes with the right mindset and tools to put their new learning into action immediately.

Our team of Trainers and Facilitators are internationally qualified professionals in their respective disciplines. Customers will also benefit from the wide exposure many of them have had through training clients internationally. As a team, we have returned amazing results for our customers in the past. This is the confidence with which we see the promise of tomorrow!

We invite you to experience our passion.


Sulakshana Fernando
Founder, CEO

About the Consultants and Facilitators

Sulakshana Fernando

Founder/ CEO & Lead Facilitator

Ravindra Witharane


Amanda Karunathilake


Maneka Wijesekera


Harsha Perera