You will never always be MOTIVATED !

The past few weeks have been trying for one and all, no doubt.

Amidst all this, “Motivational” and “Inspirational” thoughts have been circulating during physical distancing, working from home and lockdown. These thoughts are somehow supposed to kick our rear into gear and get us going, as we have plenty of time on our hands.

“Stay Positive.  Work Hard.  Make it Happen!”

“Your limitation is only Your Imagination!”

If you don’t come out of this quarantine with a new skill, with a side hustle started, or with new knowledge, you never lacked time, you lacked discipline”

On the face of it, Yes, it is right.  It is the most logical thing to say and the most logical way to look at it.

Why?  Because, we have always postponed things we wanted to do, maybe visit family and friends, go someplace, workout, become an entrepreneur, due, to lack of time.  

Alright!  Noted.  So NOW since we have so much time on our hands we should be doing all these things we ought to have done. RIGHT?  

Let’s pause a minute though.  Let’s look around.  Let’s evaluate the situation we are in once more.  There is a global pandemic, which is taking quite a lot of lives.  There is also an economic crunch, which might mean to some that they might not have a job to go to once this is over.    Considering all these aspects it might be a tad too much to swallow. 

Having spoken to a few professionals during the past weeks, the views they’ve expressed have been varied, from;

“Ignore what’s going around and move on” 

“I just cannot handle all this change” 

“Only the fittest will survive”

“I don’t know what new skills I’m supposed to learn at the end of this” etc

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What really hit home when speaking to these individuals were the thoughts they resonated around “I don’t know what new skills I’m supposed to learn at the end of this”.

In this light, we need to comprehend that we are going through shared distress.  Apart from physical and social distancing, working from home, use of new technology, concern over job security, concern over pay cuts, death of thousands of people, coping with all the safety precautions, coping with domestic abuse and child abuse in some instances, or going into a complete emotional lockdown and shutting off everything.  I would say people’s nervous systems are hanging by a very thin thread right now.   Individuals, humans are trying to cope with many forms of distress at this very moment.   

The thought of “learning a new skill” and “lack of discipline” seems a bit unfair, in that light.  

Right now as a global community we need to be more forthcoming in understanding that not everyone will be able to embrace these changes.  Not everyone will be able to cope.  Not everyone will learn a new skill at the end of all this.  More importantly we must take responsibility in not making these individuals feel bad about themselves. 

Even those of us who have fulltime jobs find it difficult to fit into routine, or focus like we used to.  What was normal to us all is not normal anymore.  It is a challenge we all face with the global pandemic.  For certain families it is an enormous financial struggle to pay bills, rent, loans, and for some it might mean looking after children and the elderly and keeping them safe right throughout the day.  Many entrepreneurs are facing difficult times.  They are watching their businesses collapse and vanish into thin air right before their eyes.  Uncertainty is what is certain to some of us.

So here I feel is the root cause of the issue, it is not about having time and lack of discipline anymore.  Yes, some will overcome this crisis without a scratch and move on as usual, yet for some they would barely survive.  

If you want to do all the things that you couldn’t do due to lack of time, like building up a new skill, or reading up on hustling, go for it by all means.  

But, let’s not guilt trip those who are unable to wrap themselves around the thought of being “Self Motivated” during quarantine and physical distancing.    

Because “YOU will never always be Motivated!”

Stay Blessed!

By: Sulakshana Fernando

CEO- Soft Skillz International 

[The above thoughts are my own, and mean no offence to any writer or reader.]

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